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Nikolay Biryukov

Happy 420 from Dwight Schrute

"I want to roll over at 2 a.m. to a kiss from you not a text message"

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Don’t you dare say you miss me


I’m sick of guys who have no chance with me chatting me up, sorry only man has a special feeling over me


In 2011, Indonesian police arrested a 29-year-old cannibalistic woman who admitted to killing and eating up to 30 girls and then her husband. She kept the human meat in her refrigerator to eat when she pleased. The woman also confessed to cooking human meat for her friends and relatives at dinner parties held at her house. She blamed her inner desires for killing and eating the people and said she would do it again if she had the chance.
Even in prison, she had attacked a female guard, bitten her right hand and swallowed one of her fingers.

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